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What‘s psychosomatics

What is Psychosomatic medicine?

Psychosomatics reflects the fact that our mental state has a direct influence on our bodily functions. In medical science, these two parts of a person’s existence have been usually separated, enabling great technical advancements in medical technology and knowledge.

However, in an everyday context, these two entities are not separated at all, but are in a constant and intensive exchange of information. Psychosomatic medicine pays attention to this fact, and offers a complex medical approach to treatment. In this sense, psychosomatic medicine truly puts into practice the bio-psycho-social model of health and illness.

... psychosomatic medicine truly puts into practice the bio-psychosocial model of health and illness.

Why psychosomatic medicine?

If you suffer from any chronic health condition that does not respond properly to ordinary treatment, you may be suitable for psychosomatic treatment. Symptoms may include all kind of pains (often headache, back ache, abdominal pain, joint ache, etc.), functional disorders (such as constipation, diarrhea, feeling of dyspnea, feeling hot or cold, skin sensations, heart beat disorders, sexual dysfunctions), skin conditions (eczema, recurrent skin infections, resistant acne), general symptoms (fatigue syndrome, chronically elevated temperature, weight gain or loss), and many more.

Generally, any physical symptom can be seriously influenced by psychosocial factors. The primary consideration for the patient is that the usual treatments do not resolve the symptoms, or that other physicians cannot even make a correct diagnosis (e.g. all the test have been negative). These two conditions are usually seen in patients who may benefit greatly from psychosomatic treatment.

Is this a new specialization?

No, the earliest examples of psychosomatic medicine in history can be seen in the ancient Greeks. In fact, Hippocrates was the first physician to conclude that mental health and physical health are related. Later, in modern medicine such complex understanding has been replaced by a dualistic body-mind model, which has, besides boosting positively medical technology, put aside psychosomatic medicine.


What medical services do we offer?

  • Diagnostic evaluation of medical conditions possibly of psychosomatic origin
  • Psychosomatic counselling—evaluation of possible treatments
  • Individual medical counselling
  • Review of past medical reports or examinations
  • Education on lifestyle and relationships from a psychosomatic perspective.

What parts of my body are assessed by a Psychosomatic Physician?

A psychosomatic physician will assess aspects of your life outside of the body as well as the internal systems. This type of physician will assess a patient’s biological, psychological and social (means social interactions, relationships) status to take a medical decision.

Who provides this treatment?

A physician specializing in psychosomatic medicine provides psychosomatic treatment. Here at Unicare our leading Psychosomatic physician is Dr. Ondřej Masner.

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Burnout Syndrome – the path to your inner self!

Burnout Syndrome – the path to your inner self!

28. 3. 2019
Burnout is most commonly associated with a stressful job or an overload of work. This certainly may be a common trigger, but at the same time, let’s not forget about other reasons for burnout: It can also be long-term caring for somebody severely ill, chronic tensions and quarrels inside the family, heavy financial debts, an ongoing crisis in partnership relations and others.
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Family Therapy – Myths and facts

Family Therapy – Myths and facts

12. 3. 2019
Actual medical research shows that our relationships and our emotions are very closely linked to the physiologic functions of our body, may it be through our hormonal or our immune system. A systemic approach integrates biological and psycho-social aspects of our diseases in order toto reach a complex view on a person´s health problem. This is the core thought of systemic family therapy.
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Unexplained abdominal troubles

Unexplained abdominal troubles

28. 12. 2018
Brad, 24 yrs old is suffering a long time from abdominal troubles. He has seen several doctors about this issue, has undergone lab tests, X-rays and endoscopic examination of the stomach and the colon. The results were favourable, nothing substaintially wrong has been found. Different attempts of treatment did not help at all or just for short time. In the end he has been recommended psychosomatic treatment
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